PyGraphistry: Explore Relationships

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PyGraphistry is a Python visual graph AI library to extract, transform, analyze, model, and visualize big graphs, and especially alongside Graphistry end-to-end GPU server sessions. Installing optional graphistry[ai] dependencies adds graph autoML, including automatic feature engineering, UMAP, and graph neural net support. Combined, PyGraphistry reduces your time to graph for going from raw data to visualizations and AI models down to three lines of code. Here in our docstrings you can find useful packages, modules, and commands to maximize your graph AI experience with PyGraphistry. In the navbar you can find an overview of all the packages and modules we provided and a few useful highlighted ones as well. You can search for them on our Search page. For a full tutorial, refer to our PyGraphistry repo.

For self-hosting and access to a free API key, refer to our Graphistry Hub.

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